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Yes, it is already the second day of the year, so its already flying by and for some of us this time of year can not go fast enough. The dreary days, the cold weather and for some of us snow. What this time of year is great for is catching up on reading or searching the family tree and that means looking back in time.

This might not even be something anyone thought they would ever want to sit and read about, but history has a way of getting hold of people, taking them back in time before the microwave and before all the modern conveniences. To a time when life was more difficult, the rewards more exciting and fear ruled many people’s lives. Disease, wars and harsh life had a way of mixing in with everyday life in the past for our ancestors.

Today January 2, 1492 was the day that the last Arab stronghold in Spain would end with the surrender of Muhammad XI to King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I.

This is also the day when Georgia would be admitted into the Union, January 2, 1788 to become the 4th state.

The year 1839, January 2nd was an exciting day when Louis Jacques Mande¢ Daquerre would take the first photograph of the moon.

These are some of the events that took place on the second day of January throughout history, along with many other events.

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